NoiSicuri Presentazione

NoiSicuri is a road safety project started in 2007 with the aim to reduce the risk of accidents in urban areas.

The Noisicuri Project aims to promote education and a culture of road safety, with sharing and involvement of all stakeholders (citizens, the press, local institutions, and local organizations ).

The Noi sicuri Project was created to consider the complex problems of road safety using 360 ° approach, introducing a series of activities strongly integrated to solve problems:

  •  Technical (methods of prevention and control of infractions on the road);
  • Cultural (promotion of a “safety culture” in citizens);; 
  • Legal (support the interpretation and application of road rules);
  • Media (improve communication of the initiatives undertaken by themunicipalities).

The objectives of the Project are to promote:

  • compliance with the rules of the code;
  • assume good behavior on the road;
  • growth of the “road safety culture” among citizens and road users;
  • respect for local institutions (government and police), their autonomy and standing.

The local authority plays the starring role in the security of citizens, which must persevere and work with caution in order to overcome negative prejudices that often accompanies their work.


Project Noisicuri introduces and disseminates important topics from different scientific studies, especially in Traffic Psychology, and Law.