Safety Problem

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  • Road safety is a major problem in Italy, and has been for some years at the top for road accidents in Europe, with record road deaths (3,753 in 2012, 3,385 in 2013) and highest mortality rate (both for million inhabitants that for km) of the main European countries.


    • The main cause of this phenomenon stems  from road users’ bad behavior (90%), above all in urban areas, which can be seen in: 75% of accidents, in approximately 75% of the total wounded, in nearly 50% of overall mortality rate and in a 65% of total social costs.


  • Local authorities are the only entity that have the potential to interact systematically and extensively with road users on urban roads, due to their proximity, structure, function and level of autonomy.



  • However this is extremely difficult due to: current problems of various kinds that hold back local municipalities’ action, such as economic, bureaucratic, workforce (staff), rules increasingly confusing, and skepticism  to law enforcement of offences.